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Customized factory automation system

ECU intermediate assemble board inspection system / Final inspection system

RiseOne is the expert of ECU inspection device

We provide our know-how from the step of planning the system.
Please consult to us from the beginning of deciding system specification. We listen to our customer’s requirements and provide the most suitable system solution based on our experiences.
From small manual inspection system to Full automatic inspection system.
We deal with many different kinds of systems idea. We have produced different kinds of systems according to our customer’s requirements.
We provide integrated system.
We conduct all operation process (Design and manufacturing of system, manufacturing of circuit design and substrate), thus quality and process control can be given so close attention.
We provide distributed control system including sequencer and microcomputer optimally.
We organize the most suitable system with using different technology as PC, microcomputer, sequencer.

Desktop use ECU function checker

This system manages different kinds of configuration and inspection specification of ECU function inspection device by converting jig. (Enable to custom inspection detail by users)

Desktop use ECU function checker

ECU intermediate (substrate) checker

  • Large size device for assemble line.
  • Function check and writing on ROM of the multiple assembled substrate before deviding.
  • To consecutively execute 3 processes by conveyor transportation as bellow;
    1. Recognize the mark of previous process by CCD camera.
    2. Write on Rom to equipped microcomputer and check.
ECU intermediate (substrate) checker

ECU final checker

  • Large size system for assemble line.
  • Check the ECU package completed assembly process.
  • Enable to check parallel by two jig method, and sorted and reject according to result of inspection.
ECU final checker

Manufacture testing jig

  • We manufacture testing jig according to customer’s
Manufacture testing jig

Develop software

We develop software with LabVIEW.

  • LabVIEW is developed by national instruments Co., Ltd. which is specialist for manufacturer of measuring instrument. It is suited to measurement control and date analysis. It has many different function included GUI (graphic user interface).
  • There is no mistake of language description, and unnecessary of compile link because of wire connect method which is different from language description of VB and VC. It makes reduce manufacturing cost extremely by programming with combination of various functions.
  • LabVIEW makes remote support easily.
Develop software

Electric circuit design and manufacture

We design and manufacture electric circuit based on customer’s manufacturing specification.

Electric circuit design and manufacture

Semiconductor manufacturing (Front end process) system

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We propose the best equipment , depending on the application and budget .

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